Jenn & Rusty

She – Her – Hers

Sometimes our heroes are those closest to us. Jenn (mom) and Rusty (daughter) are a dynamic duo from Anchorage. Together they take on the world.

Listen from the perspective of a mother whose daughter came out to be transgender at the age of three. Jenn shares the first experience with Rusty, during a talk in her bedroom one night. From their family adjustments, pediatrician visit, and first public encounters. Meanwhile Rusty is an eight-year-old girl who loves fashion, drawing, and make-up. She reflects on all the highlights of her days at school and being able to play dress-up with her Ariana Grande ponytail. 

There are challenges within the community with a lack of resources from support groups all the way to medical access. A divide within the public about issues like Proposition 1, creates such dangerous and harmful environments for others who are not yet comfortable coming out. The biggest wish that Jenn and Rusty have is that people would take the time to learn and educate themselves regarding the LGBTQIA+ community. Above all, everyone equally deserves the right and not be afraid to be who they are.

This is Jenn and Rusty's story.

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